Why you should choose CYDON

Benefits of using the Cydon platform

Secure distributed data storage

Decentralised storage and processing with embedded data contingency

Dedicated access control and regulated data sharing

Authorised access through a dedicated Private Permissioned Blockchain

Fully automated report generation

Automated report on transactions' history with an always-on chain of custody.

Independence from existing users' software environments

Cydon leverage capabilities from the existing infrastructure in place while is completely agnostic to  users' software.

Innovative way to perform verification of transactions

Instantaneous verification of transactions with a full audit trail on data access.

In a recent survey it was seen that 71% of companies feel they do not effectively share data across Business units and 75% companies have expressed concerns about data security over their supply chain. Collecting and sharing data between different departments, offices and across the supply chain is becoming a growing global problem.

Cydon is a dedicated data management platform based on a patented algorithm that utilises smart ledgers for electronically regulating data sharing within a supply-chain.  The technology enables quick and immutable search, regulate creation and processing of data across different organisational units and provide authorised and faster access to secure distributed data. It can dramatically reduce incident response times and time to access data, avoid single points of attacks by securely distributing data across different nodes and provide immutable logs and audit trail with “always-on” chain of custody. 

The Cydon team collectively has over 40 years of research experience and have published over 150 papers in leading journals and conferences.
Prof Prashant Pillai

Prof Prashant Pillai

Chief Executive Officer

Prof Prashant Pillai has over 15 years of research experience and specializes in the area of Communication protocols and Cyber Security and he is currently the Director of the Wolverhampton Cyber Research Institute.

Dr Gregory Epiphaniou

Dr Gregory Epiphaniou

Chief Technical Officer

Dr Gregory Epiphaniou has worked as cybersecurity consultant and trainer with high engagement with several industry partners in Information security domains. He is an Associate Professor in Cybersecurity and Commercial director of the WCRI at the University of Wolverhampton.

Prof Amar Aggoun

Prof Amar Aggoun

Chief Innovation Officer

Prof Amar Aggoun is the Head of the School of Mathematics and Computer Science and Professor of Visual Computing at the University of Wolverhampton


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